3 Keys to Feel Peace Now! – Lorna Olson Coaching

3 Keys to Feel Peace Now!

We all probably feel a little uneasy right now. There is so much unknown.

Our minds spin out on the unknown. 

But how can we stop our endless worry?

First take a quick inventory of what is created within you when you are spinning in worry. There’s probably some inner tension, impatience with one another, anxiousness, lots of mindless buffering…just to name a few.

But what if you don’t want this to be your life for the next who-knows-how-long?

Here’s a few tips to help you feel more peace:

1. Write down all your worried thoughts. Writing them down stops them on the paper. Get them all out. Read them and try to see them as options of things to think about but definitely not necessary. Sometimes it feels necessary to think them so we can avoid pain in the future. But really worrying incessantly is just bringing all that possible future pain into today. It isn’t useful or fun.

2. Choose to do something within your control that helps someone else. This can help you focus on someone else and gives you a lift because of how it makes you feel to reach out to someone else.

3. Get in nature…within social distancing guidelines of course. 🙂 There have been numerous studies showing the positive effects of being in nature. Our ability to cope with stress increases as we get out in nature. So, even if you have to bundle up, or carry an umbrella, see what you can do to get out there and breathe it in.

This week was supposed to be our Spring Break and our plans had to be cancelled because of the coronavirus. So I’m taking my own advice this week.

If you are serious about getting to a better place and want a little help, just schedule a free mini-session with me. I only have a few each week, so grab yours today. Here’s my Calendar. Go ahead and grab a spot before they’re filled.

Make the best of it where ever you are and stay healthy ya’ll.