A Secret You’ll Want to Know – Lorna Olson Coaching

A Secret You’ll Want to Know

I’m going to tell you the secret…

Our spirits want to grow! We can’t take that out of our nature.

Our physical bodies want to do as little as possible to get by. We can’t take that out of our nature.

Somewhere in the middle we live. That is the nature of earth life.

So, where is JOY? Right in the middle of all the pain and stress.

We are not meant for constant joy or constant pain.

SO, HERE’S THE SECRET to growth…you ready??

Adopting the mindset that  “I AM MEANT FOR GROWTH”.

The contrast of our humanness and our spirits is where the growth happens. 

AND we are most happy when we pay attention to the growth that our spirit wants.

All that laziness that our human side believes is so good, really puts our spirit into a slump.

Understanding that we are here to have the experience of our bodies and that we are also given what we need to be the master of physical appetites is key to letting our spirit take the lead.

I love thinking that I AM MEANT FOR GROWTH because it helps me break old habits and strive for better ones, and not fight against having the struggle. I try not to make it mean anything when I goof up a little bit. It’s part of the struggle that this life is meant to have.

So learn to accept the struggle in the middle. Embrace it as part of your experience.

Then analyze it like a science problem without harsh judgments that make us want to hide from ourselves.

Nothing has gone wrong when all the struggle is happening.

Keep this SECRET in your pocket to go to when you feel like something is wrong.


Let that mindset push you in a good way to see what you can accomplish when you don’t fight against the possibility for growth.