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My mission is preparing you for your mission & Life

Hey, I’m Lorna. I love being a coach. And my personal mission is to share this empowering work with as many youth in the church as I can.

This is Me

I am a wife and mom and devoted member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have always wanted to serve a mission. Before I was 21 years old (which is how old you had to be back in the day), I met my husband and serving a mission was postponed a few decades, so I haven’t been able to serve a mission yet. But I know I will, and honestly, I CAN’T WAIT!

In the meantime, I’ve found another mission! To serve the youth of the church as a coach. And I honestly love it so much!! I’ve always been intrigued by human behavior and the study of the mind. I have a bachelor’s degree in Human Development with a minor in Psychology. I loved counseling people informally, and found I was pretty good at it. I helped my family, friends and youth who confided in me.

Over the years I have served in many callings that have endeared my heart to teens and young adults in the church. I see their greatness and have a tremendous desire to teach them what I know to help them further their lives and their journey into being a great missionary.

I had a great life before I found life coaching. What I didn’t recognize is that I spent a lot of time at the whims of my negative feelings. After finding coaching, not much outside of me was different, but I was different! I took charge of my thoughts and that changed me. It was an amazing internal transformation! I knew that I wanted to help the youth figure out how to do this for themselves!

And so my journey to be a life coach for latter-day saint youth began. I received my certification through the Life Coach School in the fall of 2018 and have been working to help youth in the church ever since. I have spoken at stake firesides, ward combined youth groups and even relief society meetings.

I have developed a program where I coach youth and adults one-on-one teaching them this work. The tools can be used throughout your life and it gets easier over time. If you’re ready to discover how to do this for your own life, let’s talk. I’ll tell you what results you can expect and maintain over a lifetime.

Helping Youth in the Church

Gain mental strength & confidence to thrive in life and on a mission. 

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