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My Life Coaching Story

I love life. I’ve enjoyed each turn of a new chapter and I love them all. I’ve certainly had my share of challenges and difficult times, but they’ve made me who I am and it’s all good.

I was introduced to the concepts of life coaching about 3 years ago. And it changed my world! Actually nothing in my world changed except how I saw everything. It felt like I had found the magic invisible staircase to doing what I have always been taught in the gospel of Jesus Christ to do, but the process of how to implement those teachings in my life and believe in myself eluded me sometimes. For me, life coaching is the magic invisible staircase! It’s the “a-ha” of gospel teachings! It is the HOW!
I learned these tools and then started teaching them to everyone that wanted to listen! I have seen such a need for this work in our youth and young adults. The time of transition that happens to young adults is a difficult one for many. There are so many life decisions that are made during that time. Some young adults navigate it well, but many really struggle.
I also love missionaries. I love the courage that it takes to go on a mission! And I absolutely love to see missionaries come home having served and loved like they never had known before. Some of our best youth are very anxious about their ability to serve a mission. And that’s where this all comes together.
So, I am on my own mission to help them! The ones who really want to go, but are still anxious and worried about their ability to do it. I’ve realized that there’s a lot to them! And I know that they would be great missionaries!  I know what they need to bolster their inner strength! I know tools that will help them get through tough days, and tough weeks. And I am so excited to share this all with them! I am excited to make my mission helping youth prepare for their missions and be confident that they have what it takes!
So my fellow Latter-day Saints, friends, family and everyone reading this…I want to hear from you. I want to know who you know that fits into this category. I want to reach them and watch them gain power over their own insecurities. This is work worth doing! Schedule a free mini-session today!