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Questions to Ask Yourself when Making BIG Decisions

Every day we make small decisions.

But how do we make big decisions and know if they’re “RIGHT”?

Many of us get hung up because we are afraid we will make a WRONG choice. So we choose nothing.
Choosing nothing leaves you with just that…nothing.

So, here are a few questions to consider when making a choice that can help.

1. What do you want the outcome to be?

Look to the future. See what you want as an outcome and see whether your choice will lead to a desired outcome. Sounds pretty simple, but some people trade what they want now for a less-desirable outcome in the future. 

For example, if you are choosing a major in college, consider what outcome each option you’re considering would bring.

If you’re wondering about serving a mission, what would that outcome be in your life?

If you like the answers, then you’re getting closer to making your decision.

2. Do you like your reasons?

This is a big question to not overlook! If the reason you are choosing something is because it is easy, or less work, or less risk, don’t choose that! 

Be brave and pursue a dream. Don’t be afraid of working toward it. Working feels great and something magic happens when you follow your dreams.

3. What will increase your capacity to serve most?

We have NO IDEA what our capacity is! We honestly have limitless opportunities. Choose things that improve your abilities to serve. It stretches and works us until we become more than we would have been without it.

After asking these questions, just decide. Give yourself a time limit and decide. In most decisions, there isn’t a right and a wrong way.

Whatever you choose also understand that you are going to have ups and downs. That’s part of this life. 

And the constant in whatever you choose is YOU! You have the ability to make either choice work for you. 

Once you’ve come up with your answer, GO FOR IT!

Make your plan. Follow it and dont give up! Pursue through uncertainty. 

You may not know HOW, but how to do something becomes apparent as you move toward it.

Be courageous and give it your all.

You only live once…so don’t let life just happen to you. Choose your life intentionally and boldly! 

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