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Reset button Named Covid-19…Now What?

If the world had a reset button, it could be named COVID-19.

Modern living has become very efficient. We are blessed with so many conveniences.

But then COVID-19 comes and removes all sports, vacations, schools, dining out, movies, shopping, work (for some), visiting friends and family, and even going to the dentist, what do we have left?

We have our families and lots of time.

Hasn’t there been times when this is what you wanted? A chance at doing nothing for a while?

In reality, we are not made for stagnation. We are made for progression.

Here’s a few interesting questions to ask yourself to help you not be stagnant during this time:

With so much being taken away, what is one thing I’ve thought of doing someday that I could try now? (Don’t say I don’t know. Make your mind find an answer. Or ask yourself, what if I did know?)

What is one really great thing I can be doing with my time right now?

What could even be better than that?

Answer these questions, then take action.

Let’s see what resets we can make in our lives and in our world together!

Stay safe and healthy (mentally and physically) my friends!

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