The Result of Perseverance – Lorna Olson Coaching

The Result of Perseverance

Perseverance is key to becoming.

Whatever you want to be, you cannot do without perseverance.

And sometimes you will want to quit.

It won’t be fun.

It will seem too hard.

So when you’re in this spot, here are ten steps to persevering:

  1. Remember when you got super excited about your goal.
  2. Write down all those reasons why you got excited.
  3. Recognize that this stage of difficulty is part of the path.
  4. Difficulty can make you stronger.
  5. Persevere through the difficulty by focusing on your reasons.
  6. Breathe and believe in yourself.
  7. Plan all the way to the goal, big steps, and little ones.
  8. Celebrate small wins along the way.
  9. Make it fun whenever you can.
  10. Give it time.

Whether or not you continue will be determined by what you focus on and believe.

Believe in your capacity to make it.

Focus on the wins.

You got this.