The Tree of Life in Feelings – Lorna Olson Coaching

The Tree of Life in Feelings

Every time I read the scriptures, I get something different from it because of where I am in my life.

This happens a lot to us when we study the scriptures.

I had an interesting study of Lehi’s vision of the Tree of Life.

We all know the different elements of the dream but I looked at the dream in a unique way focusing on the feelings that come from being in each place, and it was fascinating, so I wanted to share.

This is what I came up with:

* In a dark and dreary waste = lost

* Large and spacious field = small

* Tree of life = exceeding great joy

* Searching for family = yearning

* Wanting them to partake = hopeful

* River of filthy water = engulfed

* Standing by and not moving = stagnant/unsure

* Rod of iron & strait and narrow path = determined

* Mist of darkness = confused

* Casting eyes about after partaking of fruit = ashamed

* Great & spacious building = prideful

* Fell down and partook of the fruit = relieved

This is interesting because we spend time in each of these feelings during our lives.

But what do we WANT to feel most often? If we could choose, probably exceeding great joy!

And…it is available to us always!

But to be there we need to think on all the things that the tree represents that actually makes us feel this joy.

So we can think about our Savior, Jesus Christ who is what the tree represents.

His life. His mission.

His sacrifice. His love for us.

His reaching out to us all the day long.

His involvement in our everyday lives.

His part in God’s plan.

Our part in God’s plan when we rely wholly on Jesus Christ to lead us.

These things really do bring joy and so much hope for our future.

I hope that we will spend more time on the Joy that comes from thinking about Jesus Christ and all His many roles in our lives!

Find yourself at the tree of life as much as you can!🌳